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Umbrella Pension Trust

By making use of an innovative yet complex pension structure, an Umbrella Pension Trust places your pension under your control, giving you the flexibility over its investments and assets, whether they are property, shares or cash. Free from age or investment restrictions, tax free, legal and in confidence.

Adult couple laughing and hugging uid 1453638 300x208 Umbrella Pension TrustAn Umbrella Pension Trust is actually a pension structure into which you choose to transfer your existing pension. This means your present pension investments pass from the care of one set of Trustees to the care of the Umbrella Pension Trust Trustees. In reality your pension investments stay pension property permanently, no matter what form they might take. This means your pension investments will not be released or liberated, borrowed against or sold to anybody in any form whatsoever – they, or their worth are pension property and they’re Trustee secured and they stay like that.

Umbrella Pension Trust Investment Freedom

Hence the Umbrella Pension Trust Trustees or anybody to whom they grant their powers within a fiduciary capacity can make investments or dis-invest the investments, they are able to loan property or cash on appropriate business terms to any individual or organization they regard as being a suitable investment. They’re also able to grant incomes, however the problem with incomes is they are taxable, so people usually do not want to go down that route.

Should the Trustees of the Umbrella Pension Trust give YOU fiduciary powers, they’re permitting you to control the use, management, and administration of those pension investments, that is a marvellous situation to be in since you can then make investments in things tax-free, that your original pension had not been permitted to invest in, such as non-commercial property both at home and overseas.

Pension Trust Management and Administration

Acting as an Umbrella Pension Trust fiduciary, if you loan yourself some money then the debt produced is actually a debt asset for your pension, plus the tax free funds may be put to any use you desire. The debt may be rolled forward until you pass away and may then be utilised by your estate to lessen inheritance tax and move your estate assets into the tax-free safety of the Trust for your beneficiaries’ use.

financial advisor BE uid 1342747 300x199 Umbrella Pension TrustYour pension is a form of intelligent financial design that is built to help you save tax-free to produce an income in your retirement, governed by particular regulations to ensure that a retirement income can and does materialize for you.

But pension regulation permits you to do a variety of other things as well, which the providers of pensions and those that market them never understand, or have to know about because these are just not pertinent to their business – making Umbrella Pension Trusts really innovative fiscal engineering as opposed to traditional standard practice.

Due to the fact that an Umbrella Pension Trust requires highly specialized work to be carried out in restructuring your pension, in a manner that permits you to obtain direct accessibility to the use, management and administration of your pension’s investments, you would expect that the fee required to allow your pension to become exempt from the arbitrary authority of UK pension regulations would not be inexpensive.

The outcome however is control of about 80% of your pension fund via The Umbrella Trust and with it the on-going use of tax shielded investments throughout your lifetime which afterwards moves to your chosen beneficiaries and then on to theirs forever, so the fees are actually a modest amount to pay for such substantial potential and unrestricted tax benefits.

This makes an Umbrella Pension Trust a Tax Effective strategy for making use of your previously forgotten or frozen pension in an innovative way, legitimately, legally and efficiently.

An Umbrella Pension Trust is totally different to Pension Loan Schemes, Pension Liberation Schemes, Cash in Pension Trust Fund,Pension Umbrella Release Schemes or Pension Release Schemes, many of which are either illegal or could land you with a potential 55% tax bill.

Intelligent Restructuring of Your Pension using an Umbrella Pension Trust allows you to do the following:

  • Privately control the investment decisions of your respective pension assets and cash, in any way you wish, in an extremely tax efficient environment, without investment restrictions or age limitations
  • Provide Tax free loans to any appropriate person or company on agreeable but commercially sound business terms
  • Make tax free property investments, in any type of property; industrial, commercial or residential just about anywhere in the world
  • Take your pension, its assets and investments away from restrictive United Kingdom pension regulations and tax penalties
  • Protect your pension from inheritance tax for the utilization of generations to come tax-free forever
  • Create a beneficial debt asset to your estate so that it can be used in reducing inheritance tax whilst safe-guarding your estate into the future for the tax free benefit of successive generations

General Guidance

The content presented here is of a general nature, and utilizing a Umbrella Pension Trust is actually a complicated area, demanding specialized knowledge.

Consequently, our recommendation is that professional guidance is sought for every unique set of circumstances. We will not accept any legal responsibility for any action taken resulting from the information contained herein, and this isn’t supposed to be a comprehensive legal declaration in respect of the common use of Umbrella Pension Trust. No Umbrella Pension Trusts are recommended here, in fact an Umbrella Pension Trust may not be suitable for your particular circumstances.

Please speak to us for further information; we will be pleased to discuss Umbrella Pension Trust suitability for your circumstances in greater detail.

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IMPORTANT: Stuarts Green Consulting Ltd DO NOT offer any authorised financial advice to you as an individual and you will need to decide if an umbrella pension trust fits in with your existing arrangements and plans. We DO guide you fully from an administrative position through the process and the individual steps involved.

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