What are the 4 Most Important Offshore Trust Myths?

www.OffshoreAssetProtectionInformation.com Visit to get at no cost a copy of my book, a 20-minute consultation to discuss YOUR SITUATION with the author and a series of videos sent to you. Excerpts from this video on Offshore Trusts: We’re going to talk today about offshore trusts. First let’s define what an offshore trust is. We call them OAPT’s (offshore asset protection trusts) for short. An offshore trust is a trust where… With an offshore trust normally what happens is you the grantor create an offshore trust, put the assets into the trust, and give them to the trustee. You also serve as a beneficiary of the offshore trust. When you’re… In most US States the laws do not allow… So we prefer to form trusts offshore where the trustee is completely outside of US jurisdiction. Know that offshore asset protection trusts are tax neutral so you get no tax benefits or disadvantages from forming your trust offshore… Let’s talk about the best offshore asset protection trust jurisdictions… There are some other jurisdictions like Panama, Belize, Western Samoa, the Cayman Islands, and New Zealand. The track records aren’t… Some jurisdictions have what’s called “pacific islander” syndrome, which means… My experience has been that most trust companies in Cook Islands are very westernized and have very good service and infrastructure. Nevis is also great but the Cook Islands are in my opinion and in my experience the best jurisdiction in which to have your offshore
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Offshore Trusts. Visit www.AssetProtectionOffer.com and you can subscribe to my Offshore Asset Protection and Investing Secrets Video Series of videos and emails. You’ll also get a copy of my book, Asset Protection in Financially Unsafe Times in pdf format and a 20-minute consultation with me to discuss YOUR SITUATION. All at no cost or obligation. So what are the best offshore jurisdictions for the formation of offshore trusts? The jurisdiction with the best track record is the Cook Islands. It has a record of twice flaunting a US federal judge’s attempts to seize trust assets. No other jurisdiction has that track record. There are a couple of jurisdictions that have bowed to US courts demand, one being the Isle of Man. Some other good jurisdictions are Nevis, Belize, and the Cayman Islands. Western Samoa isn’t bad but their Trust Statues are not nearly as well developed as the Cook Islands. It is not a bad idea to use a lower profile offshore jurisdiction initially, however, while the creditor seas are calm. In the event of a creditor attack, the trustee can move the trust to a strong jurisdiction such as the Cook Islands. Since this is the trustee’s decision and not the grantor’s, it makes the trust look less suspicious or anti-creditor to a judge, and it makes the grantor seem less likely to have set up the trust only for asset protection. Hope you find this video helpful. Thanks! Ryan Fowler

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