The 10 Commandments of Asset Protection

On average, you will be sued 5 times in your life. Litigation has gone beyond the original intent of correcting wrongdoings. Litigation has now become big business. Watch any network TV station for more than 30 minutes and you are certain to see a commercial for legal services. These commercials wouldn’t exist if this wasn’t a lucrative business. The larger your wealth, the more susceptible you are to loss from litigation. It is always better to create the proper asset protection plan before you need it than after you have been served a summons. Asset protection has been practiced by the wealthy for decades. The above video gives 10 key tips and strategies to help protect a lifetime of wealth accumulation. For more comphrehensive tips, tools, and techniques, simply access ‘The Wealth Vault’ as a paid-up member:
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Lodmell & Lodmell, PC 800-231-7112 Understanding one of the most common legal entities in use today is critical for Asset Protection. Expert Asset Protection Attorney, Douglass Lodmell, JD, LL.M. explains how the Limited Liability Company came about as a hybrid of corporate limited liability with the benefits of single taxation. He also explains how the LLC is used to wrap up risky assets in an overall asset protection plan.

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