Want to Know About Wealth Protection?

Want to Know About Wealth Protection?

Information about a subject I’ve been asked about over and over again… wealth protection.

I have spoken with my Clients and Subscribers over the last few months, and it’s pretty obvious there are some big questions that need answering when it comes to wealth protection.

After toying with the idea since July and doing a couple of limited trial runs…I am ready to open my 4-part Wealth Protection Program about wealth protection which includes tax reduction schemes to meet all those needs.

It’s not available yet…
…but I am putting the finishing touches on the curriculum design…

And if I may say so: it’s going to SHOCK!

This program may be right for you …if:
+ You are a company director. Or
if you…
+ Are a Sole Trader. Or maybe you…
+ Are a Partner in a Partnership or an LLP.

If one or more of those scenarios describes you, you may want to consider joining my 4 Part Wealth Protection Program.

Wealth ProtectionWealth Protection

The curriculum will include…
+ One-on-one phone consultations with me personally.
If you have ever wished you could get personal information on Wealth Protection and Tax advice on the use of Trusts, this is the best way to get it. And the eye-popping thing about it is, it’s TOTALLY FREE, I promise you this will be the most profitable call you will ever be on with me.

+ You’ll also learn how to reduce your tax burden without using risky tax avoidance schemes.
This will be a series that systematically outlines an easy step-by-step method for reducing your tax burden.
Nothing will be left out. No guesswork. Plus…more live interaction with me. We’ll have live ‘Q&A’ time on each call!

+ PLUS…each module will come complete with detailed instructions that show you exactly what you need to do to reduce your tax burden.
So you won’t be left to just wade through a bunch of  information… you’ll have clear, professional guidance.

There will be added bonuses I’m still working on. These bonuses will allow you to easily understand and get started with the program (I promise).
I have some incredible ‘goodies’ I’m putting together for you.

I’m really not sure what the demand will be like for this program, but there has been a lot of interest in this Wealth Protection Program…
With people like Jimmy Carr and Gary Barlow hitting the headlines with their well publicised tax avoidance issues people have been pushing me to get this thing off the ground.

I finally decided to act on their advice and ‘just do it!’
So here’s the deal…
You will have early access to the program before anyone else does.

If we fill out all the available seats right up front, then we’ll just close it down for a while and not offer it through the normal channels partners or any of that.

At this moment, it looks like I will limit the program to 50 participants (because of the amount of time I have available to do one-on-ones).
If you are interested, please email me back to let me know. This is *not* just some ‘launch tactic’. I really want to keep it
…and if you already know you want ‘in’, I will put you at the front of the line.
There will be an application process. We won’t open all 50 seats at first…we’ll probably do a ‘first flight’ of just 25 seats.
That way I can review the applications and (based on what you need) determine if I will be able to provide all the information, calls, etc. This will depend on the circumstances etc. of the people who apply.

If it looks like there is more of a need for extensive one-on-one support, I may just take the first 25 applicants and then close it down completely.
If you wait, and miss your seat…please do NOT be angry with me.


If you send me an email to graham@stuartsgreen.com and let me know that you want to ‘pre-apply’, and let me have a contact phone number this will speed things up for you when I open the doors.
I also welcome your feedback if you feel there’s something I’m leaving out, something you want to make sure is included, etc.
That’s all for now!

All Good Wishes,
Graham Winmill AInstIB
PS – I hope you can see that I am really loading up this program with everything you’ll need to decide if the very low risk tax reduction methods I will be teaching are right for you.
PPS – PLUS…this is going to be the ONLY way to learn how to set up an extremely low risk tax reduction scheme for your business.
You may have no interest in that kind of arrangement, but if you DO…you definitely want to get in on this free program.


Want to Know About Wealth Protection?

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